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Below is a list of all the projects that all of my different partners are working on. If you have any interest, please let me know.

I would like to introduce you to my partners and other areas of potential foreign investment in China. We have several great projects in many provinces.

    This is a list:
  • (1) China's new pharmaceutical market and automated quick-frozen bun factory - we can help investors set them up.
  • (2) Beef and Chicken Farm - Very good business in China.
  • (3) High-yield agriculture, waste management, recycling and composting projects - I have a partner that can do all of this work.
  • (4) Import and export business - I have good links with water sports products, cosmetics, wigs, Chinese hair products, etc. in China...

We can discuss many other ideas with the local government. This area is very suitable for investment. It has a good tax break.

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